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Add a tiktok social media icon to the Beaver Builder Theme

To do this, edit the functions.php file in your theme and paste in the below php code: Now, when you go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Settings > Social Links there will be a new field to add your URL for this new social media channel, as per below, where you can now see a field…

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Simple loan simulation on WordPress

Insert following code on function.php on your theme. This is flat loan simulation with following formula: a = loan principalb = interest per tahunc = time in yeard = downpayment so, installment per month = (a-d) / cinterest per month = (a-d) x b / 12Total  installament per month = (a-d) x b / 12…

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Installing CHR on CentOS

Login as root. Check IP address: make files: copy paste following code: choose your chr version you want to download. change eth1 with your interface. Change /dev/vda with your diskname. check diskname: check interface name: save file. then make it executable and run it. done.

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